Flying Heads

In the south of Chile, heads fly with wings of witches who have come out of their dens.

(Myth of the Tue Tue)

Materiality and work description: A series of video recordings of stories about strange events in the south of Chile. They have a video-portrait format speaking of people’s experiences involving strange, paranormal, fantastic events that they remember and which make us think of that South American magical realism in the south of Chile. Each portrait is a cultural projection, a subjective myth, a palpable test of the imaginary weirdness, and the respect there still is in some places for our landscape, geographical space and anthropological heritage with its own cultural mixture.

The videos in this case trespass the immaculate layer of the feature-like and symbolic pose of portraits, with other aspects such as biology and culture, specifically the local phonetics, being added to the psychological status and the cultural layer which I intend to add as information specific to a syncretic portrait of natives and people of mixed blood narrating myths and apparitions in a magical landscape.